Encourage. Inspire. Ignite.
Promoting a workplace culture of well-being and engagement

Our impact areas

Optimal health

Help your employees learn and practice behaviors
that improve their well-being and drive
engagement in all aspects of their lives.

Readiness and resilience

Provide the tools employees need to manage stress
and difficult situations so they can handle anything
that comes their way and keep moving forward.

Human performance

Inspire mind-body balance so your employees
are ready to consistently perform their best
at work and home.

Emotional positivity

Promote positive emotions like happiness
and satisfaction to keep everyone engaged and
inspired to stay on top of their goals.

Well-being re-envisioned

BeyondWell connects well-being to human performance with high-powered personalization, so your employees are always engaged and inspired to keep moving toward their goals.

Experience true employee engagement

Studies show that when employers invest in the well-being of their employees, they invest in their business.
Promoting health and happiness drives engagement, productivity and overall business growth.

In a study that looked at the effects of how much a business supported their employee well-being initiatives,
businesses with more well-being support saw the following results1:


Turnover goes down when employees feel ongoing support for their mindfulness journey.


Providing employees with the tools they need to be mindful of their ongoing physical and mental health can prevent illness and burnout.


Healthier employees have higher energy levels and an enlivened sense of purpose.

profits and sales

Energized employees who continuously strive for personal and professional excellence help drive improved results for the company overall.

1. Gallup. (2018). “Employee Engagement on the Rise in the U.S.” Retrieved from https://news.gallup.com/poll/241649/employee-engagement-rise.aspx


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