For Employers

Their personal best starts now

Healthy people = happy and productive people. We know you care about your employees. They’re what keeps your business growing. BeyondWell makes keeping and supporting your top talent a lot easier.

Here’s how:

Works for full population
BeyondWell is easy to use and engages your entire workforce, regardless of health plan.

Guides employees
Our personalized solution matches employees with activities related to where they’re at and where they want to be, one day at a time and as their health needs evolve.

Builds resilience
We can help supercharge your workforce and overall company performance by providing the tools employees need to be healthy, happy, and productive.

What can BeyondWell do for you?

Well-being program highlights

Personalized well-being journey

Employees take a 15-minutes online health assessment. Intuitive technology uses their answers to build a personalized plan with the next best step in their well-being journey.

Advanced reporting package

Evaluate metrics around employee activity, demographics, health assessment results and risk mitigation for continued support and program evolution.

Self-guided programs

Employees can reduce stress, manage weight goals, build resilience and more, on their terms and at their own individual pace.


Employees can learn about new health concepts and make progress on their goals in various areas like eating, walking, preventive health and more.


Employees earn real-world rewards when they complete challenges and meet goals.

Dedicated success manager

A client success manager designs, integrates and continuously builds your well-being program based on your company’s unique needs with actionable recommendations.

Mobile app

Wellness is made convenient and at their fingertips anytime, anywhere.

Device sync

BeyondWell lets employees easily integrate devices and apps they already use and consistently tracks their progress.

Health coach

Access to motivation, guidance and virtual support from from a health coach keeps them on track to reach their well-being best.

Resources Checklist


Educational materials boost knowledge, and users can share a personalized care checklist with their doctors.